The Fort Residences - LOCATION

The Fort Residences is located at 30th Street and Second Avenue, Taguig City.

The Fort Residences condominium can be found adjacent to the Burgos Circle in Bonaficio Global City in Taguig. The condominiums are located at the corner of Second Avenue and 30th street. This location is a prime location that allows individuals to easily access the entire neighborhood of Forebestown on foot quite comfortably and easily. Located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig you will be happy to learn that this community is one of the fast growing cities in the Metro Manila area. The business and commercial district is vibrant to say the least and is known as being one of the best master planned CBD’s in the country. 

The condominiums are located with many conveniences close by including restaurants, bars, posh shopping areas, concert venues and many more establishments. The area is also home to many professionals and urbanites. When you choose to make one of these condominium units your home you will find a number of hospitals, parks, international schools and a number of colleges and office buildings within close proximity. This makes the area a good place to raise a family or to find like-minded individuals if you are just starting out in life. Because of the location, owning a home here will have you living within close proximity and within easy reach of work, school and all your entertainment and leisure destinations. Depending on your needs you can live here without owning a car and still be able to get around easily and comfortably.

Schools within close proximity to The Fort Residences include the STI College, the Korean International School, the Chinese International School of Manila, the Manila Japanese School, the Global City Innovative School, the British School Manila and the International School Manila. 

Commercial Areas that are within easy reach include Fort Strip, Serendra Piazza, Market! Market!, Bonifacio High Street and The Fort Square. 

There are a number of embassies, banks and business institutions within close proximity to the Fort Residences condominiums. Embassies in the area include the Embassy of the United Kingdom and the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore. Banks include Accenture, Deutshce Bank, HSBC, and JP Morgan Chase. You will also find the offices of Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson and Fujitsu within the area. 

The Medical City Hospital is within easy reach of the condominiums as well for your peace of mind, knowing healthcare is readily accessible whenever necessary. 

Restaurants :

  • BBQ Chicken Beer - 0.03 km
  • Tuscano Italian Wood Oven Pizza - 0.03 km
  • Cheesecake - 0.05 km
  • The Coffee Bean - 0.08 km
  • FAT Restaurant - 0.09 km

Malls :

  • La Vida Verde Home Furnishing - 0.06 km
  • Squires and Bingham - 0.09 km
  • Heckler and Koch - 0.10 km
  • Kabayan - 0.10 km
  • Fuse Tattoo - 0.10 km

Schools :

  • Kelly Academy International - 0.06 km
  • Creative Play Corner - 0.13 km
  • Learning Jungle - 0.17 km
  • Global City Innovative College - 0.20 km
  • Little Gym - 0.21 km

Hospitals :

  • Spinal Care - 0.08 km
  • The Dermatology Suite - 0.09 km
  • Le Clinique - 0.11 km
  • Aimee AguilarTeo M.D. - 0.11 km
  • Tomatis - 0.12 km
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